SRM One — Notes, PDFs, and Books

Aditya Thakur
2 min readMar 12, 2021

Isn’t it too much effort asking seniors or even classmates for notes each time you have an exam? Now, with semesters online most of the content you’d have to otherwise jot down is made available online in google classrooms across sections.

🤔 Why can’t it be consolidated in one place?

Made available on request, sorted into semesters and ready to go instead of having to download all files to your device. 🥵

We have built ‘SRM One’ keeping all this in mind. Your one stop destination to avail all study material (Notes, PDFs and Books) to get that 9 CGPA this semester.

SRM One is a Notes, PDFs, and Book viewer app made for students of SRM.

It is free to use and open source. That is you don’t have to pay for any of our services (unlike some other apps out there) and you can even keep with the code, the issues and the upcoming changes on our GitHub Repository.

The app is currently in Beta (open-testing) and is still under development.


What are the available features?

The app lists all the pdfs sorted into semesters currently for Computer Science branch under Enginnering. We are working on adding more notes and more branches :)

How can I report an issue?

To report an issue, you can either add one on our GitHub Repository here or reach out to either of our teammates.

How can I contribute to the app?

  • Code Contribution

If you are a Flutter developer and want to make contribution in code, you can take up an issue to resolve, comment under it and one of the maintainers shall reach out & asign it to you.

  • Notes, PDF Contribution

If you are looking to help us exapand our database of Notes and PDFs, you can contribute in app by heading over to the ‘Contribute’ section and select relevant documents.

Note: All files are reviwed before they are added to the main database. Please make the file selected is of type .pdf and is relevant content only.

Or, to help with bulk material and ease of access, please reach out to one of our team members and they’ll provide you with a Google Drive link to add all your files there. Thank you for helping us in our endeavour. ❤️