How to know the password of a WiFi network that you’re connected with?

Aditya Thakur
Apr 4, 2021

You can tell the Password of any network that you’ve previously connected to by typing a few lines in your Command Prompt.

  • Open the Command Prompt on your Windows PC.
The command prompt opens to a blank screen
  • Type in the command `netsh wlan show profiles` to view all networks that your device has been connected to.
All available networks on your device are listed
  • Now, to view password of the network, type in the name and set the key to clear. For Example, If I need to know the password of my ‘JioFiber 5G’ wifi network, the command will look like this: `netsh wlan show profiles JioFiber-cKbhX_5G Key=Clear`
The network password will show up in Key Content

And, that's it! You’ll get the password of the network.



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