Aditya’s Community — Why? What?

Hi 👋 I am Aditya Thakur. I am a content creator and make videos on Flutter, Python, and other technologies. For me, a community is a mode of connecting with my audience better, also enable collaboration and share ideas, receive feedback and grow.

I initially had made a WhatsApp group. The link to which I’d share to events or sessions I’d deliver and ask people who had questions to join in and share their queries. As I delivered more sessions and the group started to fill up, I thought it’d be better to have a Discord server instead.

I made the Server in October 2020 but opened it for everyone in January 2021. Onboarded students who were getting started in Flutter and worked hard to build a self-sufficient community with members helping each other out.

In July, we onboarded a few moderators to help keep the community a safe space for everyone. And, also added mentors who’d take out time to answer any queries on Server.

The Mentor role is a priority role on the Server and mentors can help students in their domain by resolving any queries they might have. We have segregated the domains and respective mentors are only tagged in stack-specific questions based on the role!

Today, the community is stronger with new members joining in daily!

We have been organizing exclusive community events, and challenges to skill up members. There are other benefits of being part of the community such as:

We also help startups and small businesses find developers.

Our goal is to help fellow developers get better job/internships opportunities.

Message from a Startup Founder

Also, we have the best memes on the Server 🥰

Join and learn more about the community here 👇✨



Developer and Designer with knack for building apps!

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